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Our Goal

To have the best working team in the Ship chandler Business is our primary goal, this is because our highly prepared team is more informed about the importance of this business, the importance of the quality of the product, the timing, and all the big and small things they need to know about the ship chandler business.


For that reason, we decide to give to all our staff a continuous preparation in the door to be ready for all challenge that they might have inside this business.


This is our main goal. That’s because a good team makes it easier for all when they are highly prepare they are ready to all the different situations that could overcome in the development of the ship chandlery activity.


They always have in mind the importance of the timing in the maritime business, the sense of urgency; they know it is particularly important to count with the correct security and safety regulations in the port areas.

We are not a very large team but we are highly qualified, we are looking forward into having a great time of response; we work for the hand by hand with the best producer’s national and international, to give to our clients a distingue service.

The excellence of the service in the Ship chandler Business is always our objective, we trust in our capacity to give the owner and the manager of the vessel all the greatest tranquility possible, and take off from their shoulders all the weight and responsibility of their crew because they know they are in good hands and they can be totally sure that all their expectations will be fulfilled.

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