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Our Story

The company might have a lot of beginnings; you might think that our Company has its foundation at the Merchant Marine Academy in Venezuela. Maybe on a Vessel of the Maersk line, or maybe at the School of Economics with a person that they never knew anything about marine’s lives at sea or the passionate world of the maritime industry. But somehow a twist in life connected everything.

¨¨There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why¨

William Barclay


But this happened a long time after an experienced Marine went back to his homeland to be with him, family. By then, the student of the School of Economics got to know him at the dock facilities of Puerto Cabello because of his work at the port, and got to know all of the marine’s needs; all the work involved in their life and started to question how to make their life easier.

At this point, our first company in Venezuela has founded: Venesurco Ship suppliers. We have a special focus in making marine’s lives better and easier in foreign countries.  We serve in all Venezuelan Ports, making a special focus on contributing with vessel owners to provide quality service for the marines while they are attending in Venezuelan ports. Our strongest will and the most important matter is to assure that marines count with all the requirements during their stay, under food safety standard, technical support and even a little of local tourism if they wish to do so.

We see marines, not as clients, we really like to see them as people like us, and the vessel as their home and their workplace, and we need to do everything to help that community receive all they need during their stay on the port and help to maintain the vessel in perfect living conditions.

After a long time of service, we started this new company in the United States of America. At first we began with two branch offices, one in the city of Miami to serve all the ports of Florida (Port of Everglades, Port of Jacksonville (Jaxport), Port of Manatee bay, Port of Tampa, Port of Miami), and another one in the city of Houston to serve all the port of Texas and Louisiana with special focus with the Port of Houston and New Orleans.

It’s important for us to never forget anything; we have a long trajectory of experience on technical support. We can presume we are able to cover almost everything your vessel will need and its part of our mission to help our users.

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